Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

Assessment, Design, Financing, Installation, and Maintenance

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Did you know that a nationwide ban on the sale of new fluorescent, halogen and CFL lighting starts on August 1, 2023?

Lighting Assessment

The first step in any project we take on is an on-site lighting assessment. FYI, they’re FREE!

Our process consists of four steps:

Lighting Assessment

The first step in any project we take on is an on-site lighting assessment. FYI, they’re FREE!

Solution Design & Financing

There are no cookie-cutter solutions. We create custom designs for all our installations.


Our installations have four main phases: delivery, placement, installation, and approval.


LED lighting requires virtually zero maintenance. We’re still prepared to handle any service needs.

Why LED Lighting Is Right For You.

Quality of Light
  • LED lights produce more light per watt than incandescent and halogen bulbs
  • Eliminates noise and drastically reduces heat output
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Better light coverage & a controlled focus area
  • No Flicker
  • Better light equals improved customer experience, healthier work environment & increased security
Lower Costs
  • Low energy consumption reduces electric bills (sometimes as much as 30-40%)
  • Reduced maintenance significantly lowers total cost of ownership. It might be the last time you change these bulbs!
  • Lower heat output, lower infra-red output, lower ultraviolet output.
  • Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are very fragile; LED lights are made with solid state components making it difficult to break with external shock
  • Lower energy consumption than incandescent or halogens
  • Reduce business carbon footprint
  • LED lights do not contain mercury or other hazardous materials, unlike fluorescent lights

Lighting Assessment

The first step in any project we take on is an on-site lighting assessment. FYI, they’re FREE!

LED Solution Design & Financing

Lighting Assessment

Our free Lighting Assessment will determine exactly how LEDs can improve your facility’s lighting.

Solution Design

This is the second step in our process.

After the assessment our team will review all data and photos collected at the assessment. The existing fixtures may have different bulb counts (2,3 or 4), bulb sizes (T12 vs T8) and light levels (lumens / temperature) which will be evaluated to ensure proper replacement solutions, and maximize energy savings while achieving the correct light levels throughout your facility.



During the Solution Design, an important element is financing. Our goal is to have your new LED lighting solution be cash flow positive from Day 1.


  • No upfront capital required.
  • Cash flow positive from Day 1. Your energy savings will cover the cost of the lease payments.
  • Flexible terms: 3-6 years for commercial projects, up to 10 years for federal, state, or municipal projects.
  • Path to Ownership: Transfer ownership any time after Year 2.


Tax Advantages:

  • Payments qualify as an operating expense.
  • Accelerated Depreciation:  Take the entire expense over the term of the lease. No long
    depreciation schedules. Lighting is generally depreciated over a long, 39-year term, so the
    operating lease is the ideal financing program.
  • Tax Abandonment: Take an additional deduction by “abandoning” your old fixtures. This deduction can be quite substantial as it is based on the purchase price of the new system.
Kelvin scale of heat and color

Installation of Your LED Lighting Solution

Lighting Assessment

Are you ready to schedule your free lighting assessment, yet?

What to Expect During Installation

This is the third step in the process.

Over the years we have found that some clients are more apprehensive about the installation than the project cost. There may have been a bad installation experience in the past, a concern over disruptions to operations, or simply not knowing what to expect.

With Bottom Line Systems we have a system in place so there are no surprises. Our 4-step system is seamless and each step is reviewed with you prior to the arrival of our professional installation team.

Phase 1

Products will arrive at our holding facility where they are separated, counted and sorted to ensure we have the correct replacement solutions and the correct count. This means the project will be completed on time and on schedule.

Phase 2

Our team will arrive at a time scheduled to avoid any work disruptions. Once on site, we will perform a walk-through, reviewing the installation process, safety precautions and procedures.

Phase 3

Our installation team will install products to manufacturer’s specification, test all the lights, and leave the premises cleaner (and brighter!) then they found them.

Phase 4

Finally, a formal walk-through and approval will take place prior to the release of the final payment. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing the project is completed, and all equipment is installed and operational prior to releasing the final payment.

Maintenance of Your LED Lighting Solution

Why Bother?

Since LED lights are so reliable and long-lasting, you might wonder why we would even offer a maintenance program. There are three reasons:

Planning and Budgeting

Not all businesses want to replace all their old, inefficient lights at one time. We will develop a lighting replacement schedule over a few months or a few years that will fit your budget and building plans. This falls under our “maintenance” program.

Existing LED lighting

Some businesses may already have invested in LED lighting with another company. There has been a lot of churn with LED companies in the past. It is possible that the lights are not performing correctly and the installation company is no longer in business. This also falls under our “maintenance” program.

Things happens

LEDs rarely fail (they are solid-state, and very rugged). That said, we know things happen. All of our products come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Further, we maintain an inventory of all the lights we regularly install. If something happens, we can usually have a replacement fixture to you in 24-48 hours.

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